Change Hair Color App Reviews

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I wish I could give this 0 stars.

This is the WORST app ever. I literally does nothing.

Doesn't work

Waste of $$


Dont download this app, they are tricking u!!!! Dont download it! O wasted my money just beacause of this atuais app!! 😡😡

Does not work

Does not work . Don't waste your money.


I wasted my money completely and it was a ridiculous app. It doesn't work. Don't buy it!


This app doesn't work and freezes on you! Super waste of money

Doesn't work

DOES NOT WORK!!! It freezes on you after you uploaded your picture!


Ap doesn't wk don't waste the money. I can't believe I did.

Waste of MONEY

Doesn't work it's a scam!

Don't buy it :/ it doesn't work

I wish I would have read the previous reviews before I bought it.. Waste of money!!!

Worst app

Waste of money ... Do not buy this app it doesn't look anything like the examples and rarely works without distorting the picture.


Definitely not worth your money at all! Don't but it!

Biggest waste of money

Biggest fraud. It doesn't work


waste of money! doesn't work


this doesn't work! it doesn't do what it claims. waste of money

APP Doesn't Work

I bought this App and I wasted my money. It doesn't work:-((( It just loads your photo and then everything is frozen. Nothing works. This must be a scam of some sort. I have never bought an App that DOES NOT WORK. So sad:-(

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